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Samsung takes a swipe at iPhone 4S already


Samsung didn't waste any time comparing its flagship Samsung Galaxy S II handset to Apple's recently announced iPhone 4S. The South Korean manufacturer sent out a note to the press detailing why its Android handset is superior to Apple's latest offering.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S II display has 42% more screen area than the iPhone 4. It notes that "screen size benefits scale by AREA (length x width), not just diagonal." The Galaxy S II is also the thinnest handset on the market and has faster HSPA+ network speeds than the iPhone 4S.

Not surprisingly, Samsung couldn't help but point out Android is supposedly an "open ecosystem" while iOS is limited to single manufacturer's storefront or app store. Of course, the Korean manufacturer failed to mention all those Trojan horses and other malware that are lurking in this open system of apps.

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