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Real Racing 2 update adds four-player AirPlay streaming


Firemint already showed off Wii U-esque iPad-to-Apple TV streaming play of Real Racing 2. Now, along with the announcement of the iPhone 4S and the impending release of iOS 5, it's updated that capability to allow for up to four players to stream to an HDTV using AirPlay.

One player, the "host," needs an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, according to Pocket Gamer; the other players can use any device that runs the game. That just leaves the question of why, if every player has their own screen, they'd want to go through the trouble to play in split-screen. The answer to that, of course, is because they can.

The update will also boost graphical output for 4S and iPad 2 devices, and it'll be out alongside iOS 5.

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