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Rock Band celebrates Facebook milestone with Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Breaking Benjamin, and Dream Theater


In honor of the Rock Band Facebook page topping 2 million "Likes," Harmonix decided to let news loose a bit early about some varied, excellent artists arriving on Rock Band 3's DLC service in the "coming weeks and months." We're actually inclined to skip right over two of the groups -- Breaking Benjamin and Dream Theater -- as they've both already had DLC tracks added to RB3 in the past. Here are the two brand new biggies: Stevie Wonder and Coldplay. We simply cannot say "Hooray!" loudly enough.

No mention is made of which songs specifically will be launched, but Coldplay, Breaking Benjamin, and Stevie Wonder all have full track packs on the way, while Dream Theater's keeping it more low key with a single. Perhaps if you go "like" the Facebook page we can get Stevie Wonder right now? Maybe just one track, even?

[Thanks, libregkd]

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