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Hex introduces new Icon watch bands for the iPod nano


With the addition of sixteen new clock faces, Apple pretty much put its official stamp on the idea of an iPod nano watch. Hex is ready to take advantage of the hype. The company has released a watch band for the nano called the Icon watch band (US$40), which gives you a polycarbonate way to strap the little iPod right on your wrist.

It's a little goofy looking (not quite the classiest thing to wear to a dinner party), but for working out or just using your nano it seems like it would work great. We've seen some DIY versions of this before, but the Hex Icon seems like a relatively cheap and durable way to turn one of the littlest iPods into a working watch. You can order the band now, and of course the nano is available now (at a new lower price) from the usual places.

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