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International iPhone 4S shipping dates already showing delays


That didn't take long. Just hours after preordering for the new iPhone 4S began, Electronista is reporting that international orders for the new phone are already showing ship dates of one to two weeks.

For some TUAW readers and bloggers, the order process went slowly this morning, indicating that servers were probably being slammed. Checking the Australian, Canadian, and several European stores shows orders taking one to two weeks for shipping. Other online stores, like the Japanese site, aren't taking online orders, so it's difficult to know what demand is like in those countries.

The US Apple Online Store is still showing an October 14th delivery date for all three American carriers. Electronista noted that Apple generally provides more stock to the US. While the worldwide delays don't appear to show a sellout situation, it does point out some strain on Apple's production and supply capabilities. We'll know for sure on October 14th if the iPhone 4S is another hit for Apple, or if the lack of delays in the US are an indication of lesser demand for the new phone.

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