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Report: Deadliest Warrior studio head misrepresented military experience


IndustryGamers reports on a new allegation that Robert Daly, head of Deadliest Warrior developer Pipeworks Studios, may have misrepresented his military history. A little background: Daly has claimed in interviews to be part of the Special Forces, which is of course an important qualification for making games about Vikings whaling on ninjas.

Jeff Hinton, owner of Special Forces community site ProfessionalSoldiers, read Daly's claim and then looked him up. "Robert Daly's [National Personnel Records Center] military records state he was some sort of imagery analyst," Hinton told. [United States Army Special Operations Command] has absolutely no record of him in their system." So, according to Hinton's research, Daly was in the army, but not in Special Forces.

We're contacting Pipeworks for a response to this allegation, as well as the related claim that Deadliest Warrior's pirate was actually a privateer.

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