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Sony: Vita will 'supersede' mobile gaming with PlayStation Suite


Smartphone games are the most popular type of app, claiming 64 percent of the active market this past month, with iPhone users playing for 14.7 hours, and Android owners playing 9.3 hours. Sony plans to take a bite out of that juicy Apple (and juicy green Droid) with the PS Vita, entertainment director of hardware marketing John Koller told InvestorPlace.

"We firmly believe that PlayStation Vita will supersede the mobile market when launched, and have grand ambitions for a product that is really at the forefront of innovation," Koller said. "The mobile market in the U.S. offers consumers extremely light gaming options." We assume Koller stopped himself before finishing that with "such as the PSP Go."

To better align itself against the apps, Sony will allow third-party developers to create content for the PS Vita and other PlayStation Certified devices through the PlayStation Suite, beginning in November. This content will then be available on Android products and on other Sony services. "The rigorous certification process ensures quality experiences only possible on PlayStation," Koller said. If this means Words with Friends with guns, high-octane cutscenes and Sackboys, count us in.

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