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Steel Legions opens up a can of Warfare on all declared enemies


For all those out there who boast about how uber their show pony mount is, Steel Legions horde of tanks, artillery and other weapons of awesome mass destruction begs to differ. The free-to-play title is bringing more explosive firepower to the battlefield with its Warfare update.

In this patch, players can upgrade their tanks with a variety of new modules, starting with experience modules. These do pretty much what you'd expect: increase the rate of XP gained as you plow through the chaos of the fight.

The Warfare update is also adding a marketplace for players to purchase better goods for their machines, new weapon systems like the Kinetic Deflector and Mazer Cannon, and an oil refinery that can be fought over for control of the liquid black gold.

Steel Legions is a free-to-play browser-based MMO that takes place in an alternate timeline when steam-driven tanks clash for control over the world. You can watch the trailer for the Warfare update after the jump.

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