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The Daily Grind: Do cartoony graphics bother you?

Shawn Schuster

I know we've tackled this topic before, but with my new obsession with Glitch (thanks to Beau and Rubi!), I've decided to revive the topic. Just as cartoons aren't always just for kids, cartoony graphics in video games aren't always just for kids.

Glitch is a perfect example of a game that looks like it's meant for a younger crowd, but the sense of humor and content actually requires a 14-or-older rule to play the game. This has, in the past, been a barrier to entry for those players who won't play something unless it's ultra-realistic in the graphics department. But I'd like to think our opinions have lightened up in the last few years.

So what's your stance? Do you see cartoony graphics as a complete turn-off? Are you attracted by the brighter colors and whimsical mood? Or does your opinion lie somewhere in between? Let us know!

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