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Toshiba AT200 tablet squeezes through 7.7mm gap at the FCC

Sharif Sakr

News about Toshiba's ultra-thin AT200 tablet has been patience-testingly slow since we went hands-on at IFA a month ago. We did recently hear that a Japanese variant of the Regza-branded ten-incher -- confusingly called the AT700 -- is on schedule for release there in December and we're hoping that the US version will arrive in time for Christmas too. Encouraging, then, to see that it's passed unscathed through the FCC's electromagnetic rendition of Wipeout with WiFi and Bluetooth in tow. The submitted paperwork also reveals a little extra detail: the tablet is at least partly manufactured by Quanta, the same OEM guys behind the Kindle Fire and the BlackBerry PlayBook. With the tablet wars looking brutal as ever, it's nice to know that somebody always wins.

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