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Kristen Schaal wants you to build her a shrine... in Minecraft


Kristen S
chaal is a funny lady with an adorable voice. She's been in some of our favorite 3D-animated movies and is a regular commentator on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart -- if any silly woman in Hollywood deserved a shrine, it would be her. So go forth and build, build her a shrine, loyal followers, and build it in Minecraft!

Schaal is the star of the very first commercial for Minecraft (cleverly disguised as an Xperia Play ad), promoting a contest to build something awesome in-game, such as a Schaal castle or her giant diamond face. The winner gets a trip to New York to meet with her and "share their Minecraft brilliance with the world." We suggest building an obsidian castle-shrine completely out of Schaal's giant, funny head.

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