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Update bound for The Binding of Isaac, demo available on Newgrounds

Jordan Mallory

Edmund McMillen's biblically based body horror roguelike nightmare factory The Binding of Isaac is slated to receive a rather substantial and delightfully free update this Halloween, via Steam. THe update will provide over 20 new items, 3 new bosses, a new playable character, more achievements and a new "final chapter" for those who have already completed the game.

"This final chapter should be a much bigger challenge," McMillen said in an email to fans. "Isaac will become exactly what I wanted to release but didn't have the time to finish." McMillen has also released a flash demo of the game on Newgrounds, which features two levels and contains 60-plus items and 8 possible bosses.

It's good to see McMillen continue Team Meat's proud tradition of free, continual community support; we just hope he'll be able to patch out our night terrors, at some point.

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From: Edmund McMillen
Date: Oct 9, 2011 3:33 AM
Subject: Binding of Isaac Demo + Free content update

So as you may know, The Binding of Isaac was released on Steam last week, and i have to say I've been very taken aback by the overwhelmingly positive and high review scores, even more so by the sales numbers that now rival Super Meat Boys release numbers. I never at all expected such a great launch and die hard fan base, especially for a game as odd as Isaac. As I've mentioned on my blog, since the game has superseded my expectations, i will be doing my best to give back to the fan base that got me where I a today and continue to support my work, much like we did with SMB.

First off, i just released the "Flash Demo" of Isaac on (
The Demo consists of 2 of the games early levels along with 8 possible bosses and 60+ items, enough to get your feet wet and i believe it gives a good sense of what the full game has to offer.

Second i'd like to officially announce that The Binding of Isaac will be getting a very large (and free) content update via Steam this Halloween.
The update will consist of 20+ new items, 3 new bosses, 1 new playable character, a few more achievements and a new "final chapter" for the people out there who have "finished" the game.
This final chapter should be a much bigger challenge.

This 2nd update is more or less my dream update, something i wanted to be able to do for release but knew it would push the game back another month to get done, so in a way on the 31st Isaac will become exactly what i wanted to release but didn't have the time to finish.
One of the many awesome things about steam is the ease of updating, so this should be a very seamless update for people.

We will also continue to update the game with bug fixes and other support issues as they come in.

The Binding of Isaac is only $5 on Steam :

Flash Demo can be found here:

My dev blog is here:

Thanks once again for all your support,

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