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EVE capital ship balancing coming this winter

Jef Reahard

The lovefest between CCP and its disgruntled playerbase continues, this time in the form of a new blog entry heralding the impending balance of capital ships.

The proliferation of supercapital ships has been roundly criticized in various EVE Online discourses over the years, and CCP feels the time is right to begin addressing the stagnant fleet fights that often result when hundreds of hard-to-kill megaships are clogging the space lanes.

So what's the nerf solution? According to CCP Tallest, the devs plan to make supercapitals "a little bit weaker, but not gut them completely. We're doing a simple 20% reduction in shield, armor, and hull hitpoints on both supercarriers and titans." Tallest goes on to outline a few more details including planned changes for dreadnoughts, sub-capitals, and the oft-employed logoff exploit. "We are changing the logoff mechanics in such a way that as long as your enemies are actively engaged in fighting you, logging off is not going to save your ship."

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