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Report: Xbox Fall Dashboard Update set for Nov. 25, uses modified Silverlight

Tech site GigaOM reports that sources close to Microsoft have revealed a few bold changes currently being incorporated into the Fall Dashboard Update, which one would assume Microsoft would have locked down by now. According to the site, the "Lakeview" code providing the framework for the dash uses a modified version of Microsoft's Silverlight technology, which will incorporate the Kinect's voice and gesture-control schemes. The site also claims that Microsoft's newly contracted third-party content partners will use Apple's HTTP Live Streaming tech rather than the company's own Smooth Streaming software.

The site also claims that Microsoft will launch the update on Black Friday. We've contacted Microsoft for a comment on the claims, and hope that they're on the money -- anything that will keep potential deal-hunters out of the malls and on their couches is a welcome distraction in our books.

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