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TeamViewer enhances Remote Control for Macs

Mel Martin

TeamViewer is offering a new OS X version of its remote control and online presentation software with some significant feature updates.

TeamViewer now starts automatically with system boot and runs in the background. Once connected, the computer or server can be controlled as if the user was seated right in front of it. In contrast to the TeamViewer Host module, TeamViewer for Mac full version allows not only incoming connections, but also outgoing connections to other systems.

Other features include a revised and friendlier interface, as well as enhanced security options including up to 10 digit session passwords. The update offers fresh connection possibilities for online presentations. The update also allows Mac users to connect directly to the presenter, rather than having the presenter individually enter the ID and password of each viewer. Thanks to a customized invitation feature, presenters can easily increase the number of concurrent viewers, and start the presentation as soon as they see all viewers are connected.

Teamviewer is free for non-commercial private use. Commercial users are offered a variety of pricing options. Teamviewer also offers software for iOS devices so they can be used as remote screens for Macs or PCs. The current Mac update is version number 6.0.10543 and is available on the TeamViewer download page.

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