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AirServer brings AirPlay streaming support to Lion, iOS 5


Streaming audio, video, photos, or slideshows from your iOS device to your Mac is now a lot easier. AirServer 3.0 for Mac (US$7.99) was released yesterday, and gives the popular streaming app Lion and iOS 5 compatibility.

AirServer basically streams anything you can run on your iOS device to your Mac. iTunes video and audio? Check. AirPlay-enabled applications? Yep. Audio and video streaming? Ditto. Photo and slideshow streaming? Yes, indeed! YouTube streaming? It'll do that, too.

What's the use case for a Mac app like AirServer? It's very useful in those situations where you have something on your iPhone that you want to share with your officemates. With AirServer for Mac running on your favorite Apple desktop or laptop, you can beam content from any iOS device right to the Mac.

This has been done before, with BananaTV ($7.99), so AirServer isn't exactly breaking new ground. Fellow TUAW blogger Erica Sadun did much of the discovery work on how to stream to Mac, blogged about it on TUAW, and developed BananaTV a while back.

AirServer can be purchased directly from the AirServer website. For a great demo of the app at work, be sure to check out the video below:

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