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Gazillion's president says MMOs are in a rut

Jef Reahard

"I think MMOs in general are in a rut. It's still mainly WoW clones. A lot of people have done these games, but it's been that same kind of gameplay, and that doesn't mean that's what it has to be," says Gazillion's David Brevik.

Who's David Brevik?

Well he's the president and COO of the company bringing you the free-to-play Marvel Universe MMO (yeah, the one where you can't make your own character). More importantly -- in terms of gamer cred -- he also co-founded Blizzard North.

Brevik was recently interviewed about WoW clones, free-to-play business models, and everything in between, and you can read the full text at You'll need to register for an account to access the content, but registration is free.

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