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Head of Pipeworks steps down after allegations prove true


In light of last week's report that Deadliest Warrior studio head Robert Daly had misrepresented his military experience, Daly has resigned as head of Pipeworks Software. In a statement issued this afternoon, Daly expressed regret at having "misrepresented my role by creating the impression that I was a 'Green Beret.'" He further added that he has "nothing but the utmost respect for the Green Berets and my fellow servicemen."

Daly also won't be appearing on future episodes of Deadliest Warrior, the Spike television show. "At this point in time for the best interests of Pipeworks Software and F9E [Foundation 9 Entertainment] I am voluntarily resigning my position of Studio Head of Pipeworks effective immediately," he said. "Furthermore, I have no plans on appearing in any more episodes of Deadliest Warrior."

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