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More Vita games priced in Japan, cheaper on PSN than retail


Famitsu revealed the Japanese launch price for the PlayStation Vita's Uncharted: Golden Abyss, offering evidence that Vita games in general will follow the same pricing structure seen with Army Corps of Hell (and with the PSP), in which PSN versions are a bit cheaper than retail. The card version will sell for ¥5,980 ($78), with the downloadable version at ¥4,900 ($64).

Namco Bandai will temporarily widen the gap between PSN and retail prices with promotional discounts on the downloadable versions of Ridge Racer and Katamari Damacy no Vita. Katamari is priced at ¥4,980 ($65) in stores and ¥4,480 ($58) on PSN, but will be ¥3,980 ($52) on PSN through March 31. Ridge Racer will be ¥2,980 ($39) on PSN for the same time period, going up to its normal PSN price of ¥3,580 ($47) afterward; retail is set for ¥3,980 ($52).

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