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PlayStation Suite SDK will be released in 'limited beta' in November


During TGS, Sony announced that the development kit for the cross-platform PlayStation Suite program would be released in November. During a panel at GDC Online today, SCE's Shigeru Sugimoto clarified the timing of that release.

In November, the SDK will be released as a limited beta, or a "tech preview," including the Android version and a PC-based "simulator" allowing those without Android phones (that last group includes everyone) to develop for Suite.

Vita development will be added later, when Sony expands into an "open beta." Later, in addition to Sony Ericsson Android devices and PS Vita systems, the Suite may support PS3 -- it's one of the platforms "under evaluation." "We are targeting devices from other manufacturers as well," Sugimoto said, referring to other Android phones.

If you'd like to download the SDK, you can sign up here to find out when it'll be available. You will need a PSN ID to access it.

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