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School district eyes iPads to improve students' math scores


We've heard of secondary schools and universities swapping out books for iPads before, but now thanks to a pilot program in four middle schools in Las Vegas, we're beginning to see just how helpful iPads can be in an educational setting.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1,150 children at the four schools were given iPads preloaded with Fuse Algebra textbooks and software instead of regular math books, pencils, and paper. Now while working on their math assignments, the children can use the iPads to watch tutorials and get instant feedback on an equation they completed. If they got the math problem wrong, they can put on headphones and watch a tutorial on the spot teaching them how to solve it correctly.

While official results of the pilot program won't be available for some time, anecdotal evidence on its effectiveness is very good. One student said that she was traditionally a C or D student in math, but since using the iPad in the classroom, her average math scores have increased to Bs or As. The teachers are jut as enthusiastic about using the iPads in the classroom. Principal Robert Mars said, "Any tech we use – a laptop, smart board, iPod Touch, handheld transponder – anything that's tech-related, kids gravitate toward that. Every child is engaged constantly by having them in their hands."

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