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Allods Online: Undaunted goes live with gifts for all


You know how older siblings always complain that their younger brothers and sisters get all the leeway and extra love? Sometimes MMO vets feel like that about beginners to their game: "Back in my day, we never had it so easy! We had to log in using a 2400-baud modem and pay to play by the second!"

Well, Allods Online is certainly lavishing affection on the beginner experience in its October update, Undaunted, although high-level players have quite a bit to enjoy as well. Undaunted is removing the fatigue system and lowering enemy health, which should expedite the leveling process. There's also a new level 5 zone for Imperial players and an additional class for each faction: the Elven Psionicist and Xadaganian Mage.

Experienced adventurers can try their hands at the Mausoleum of Sparks, a "survival mode" dungeon that seeks to pick off players one by one until only the toughest remain, or the new high-level zone, Kingdom of Elements. Allods Online's arena system now boasts a matchmaking feature that allows players to jump into PvP bouts anytime from anywhere.

To celebrate Undaunted's release, gPotato is handing out boxes of Gem Shards (US) and Boutique Coins (EU) that are worth anywhere between $1 and $100 worth of in-game currency. New players will have to wait until level 20 to receive their prize boxes, however.

You can watch the trailer for Undaunted after the jump!

[Source: gPotato press release]

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