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GDC Online 2011: Spacetime Studios talks Star Legends


Spacetime Studios is quickly establishing itself as a leading name in the mobile MMO market. Its two titles, Pocket Legends and Star Legends, have proven extremely popular choices for players who want to get their MMO fix on the go, and this week at GDC Online, our own Beau Hindman got to have a chat with the games' creators about what's on the horizon.

The big news is Star Legends' upcoming Google Chrome release. That's right, the truly hardcore Star Legends players will soon be able to play from the comfort of their home computers. With the upcoming release of Chrome 15, the title will be available in the browser's app store. But what if you've got a bunch of phone-exclusive friends without whom your game experience just wouldn't be complete? Not to worry! PC and mobile players will inhabit the same server, so you don't have to leave your friends behind for the comfort of your mouse and keyboard.

What else is coming for the mobile title? Head past the cut for the full scoop.

To commemorate the game's journey to Chrome, the devs have implemented an in-game event that will see players hunting down Droid characters, each of which is equipped with a Red, Green, or Yellow jetpack. Collecting a jetpack of each color will grant a special jetpack item that in turn grants the wearer a speed boost.

The level cap has also been increased to 31, though the devs take a point to note that while level 30 can be acquired with relative ease, level 31 is "quite a grind" for the truly dedicated. In order to reach the elusive level 31, players will be able to venture into Sloucho Productions. Once a successful movie studio, Sloucho Productions has fallen prey to a robot uprising, as is inevitable in any sci-fi universe. Players will be tasked with quelling the robotic rebellion, lest the androids take over the world -- or at the very least, the film industry.

What else is in store for the game in coming times? Well, fans who have been following the project from the beginning should be pleased to know that one of the features advertised in the original trailer, spacecraft, is still planned, though the team isn't ready to announce a date.

For more information on Spacetime Studios and its titles, keep an eye on Beau's MMObility column.

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