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Gears of War 3 stats show shotgun domination; sawed-off weakened


This isn't going to make the rollin' shotties crowd happy. Effective today, the sawed-off shotgun in Gears of War 3 no longer results in "gibs" at a range further than the gnasher. Epic shared that little detail along with weapon stat slides that showed, among other things, that shotguns comprised 72 percent of quick match kills.

"Pretty much, 45 percent of the kills are caused by gnasher [in quick match]," Epic's Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley explains in the video. "Gnasher domination is still continuing, but it's not as bad as Gears 2, where it was pretty much 10 to 1 against the lancer."

If you're looking to avoid the Gears shotgun frustration fest®, head into a "ranked match" instead of "quick match" to reduce the odds of being shredded.

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