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LEGO Universe offers $15,000 US in prizes in the Nexus Force Championships


Given the age of the average MMO gamer, it's safe to say most of us grew up with the amazing creative freedom of LEGO. The LEGO franchise has given rise to countless computer games over the years, including kid-friendly MMORPG LEGO Universe. The game recently went free-to-play, and now a huge contest has been released to encourage people to give the game a try.

The eight-week-long Nexus Force Championships start today, challenging players to win as many in-game events and contests as possible before December 8th. Participants will collect points for winning contests and events in a bid to win some truly massive prizes. The single player with the highest number of points at the end of the eight weeks will win around $5,000 US worth of LEGO sets and a new laptop. In total, over $15,000 US of prizes will be given out during the event.

[Source: LEGO Universe Press Release]

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