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Returning EVE players receive discount as part of CCP apology


Last week CCP Games proved that it's still an indie studio at heart when CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson issued a formal letter of apology to the entire EVE Online community. In the letter, he admitted that development had been purposefully shifted away from the in-space features players wanted. He went on to take full responsibility for the ensuing drama surrounding the forced early release of Incarna and the fumbled cash shop introduction. Hilmar then laid out plans to turn EVE's development around and set it back in a direction that current players will appreciate.

Today CCP continued show its commitment to this new development direction with a special reactivation offer for returning players. Most account-holders whose subscriptions lapsed during or before the Summer drama have been sent an email offering a special rate of $4.95 US for 30 days of subscription time. While reactivation offers like these are commonplace, this offer made a point of CCP's new-found direction and contained this concise quote from EVE's senior producer Arnar Gylfason: "A significant part of that plan is the immediate refocusing of all the EVE development teams on EVE's core gameplay: spaceships."

[Source: Reactivation discount email]

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