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Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium MMO coming March 13 ... 2013


THQ has officially announced a date for the long-awaited Warhammer 40K MMO, subtitled Dark Millennium. Don't get too excited, because it isn't due until March 13, 2013. Given all of the games we have yet to see this year, not to mention next year, this Warhammer seems especially distant in the future. Our friends at Massively have a ton of info if you need something to tide you over.

At least THQ is staking an early claim on that "3/13/13" date. May we recommend the picturesque Hinesville, GA -- home of not one, not two, but three signers of the Declaration of Independence -- as a place on which to center the midnight launch proceedings? You'll really like the zip code tie-in.

Update: THQ sends a note that it has not yet officially announced a date for the title, and there is no more mention of 2013 on the official websites for THQ or the game itself. Unmark that calendar, we guess.

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