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Final Fantasy 14 'Version 2.0' begins charging this year, PS3 version in late 2012


Square Enix has laid out the plans for Final Fantasy 14 "Version 2.0," with the implementation of subscription fees and an announced launch window for the PS3 version in late 2012 being the most surprising bits.

Final Fantasy 14 Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida said the game's unintended year-long free trial will end between "late November and early December." After that, the publisher is going to rock the MMO space old-school with a subscription-based billing system. Further details about pricing will be sent by email to current registered players at a future date.

Also planning to finally stumble in next holiday is the PS3 version, which is scheduled for release "between October and December of 2012." At the time of the PS3 launch, the publisher plans to begin a "second free trial period."

Following the PS3 launch, the development team plans to rework in-game maps, switch over to a new client and new servers, and provide PC players new software that will be distributed online "free of charge." For those looking to get deep into the changes, Square Enix has provided a full explanation and several PDFs of future plans on its site.

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