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SWTOR opens the Operations holonet page


Star Wars: The Old Republic does everything slightly different from other MMOs on the market. Of course, the principle difference is personal story, which is woven into every bit of gameplay. Even the traditional raids are slightly different. In SWTOR, these highly dangerous group encounters are called Operations -- large, story-driven encounters for either faction. Today, the BioWare development team released a new page on the official website highlighting this endgame content.

The Eternity Vault Operation is presented through images of the opening cutscene, part of the first encounter, and the end boss, the Infernal One. The videos included had been presented previously during E3 and PAX East as the Eternity Vault trailer and walkthrough video. However, at the bottom of the page sits an image that does not fit the Eternity Vault encounter, followed by these cryptic words: "Even though the Eternity Vault is featured prominently here, it is not the only high-level Operation for you to experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic. More will be revealed..."

As soon as we know exactly what those words mean, we will let you know in our continued coverage of this highly anticipated title.

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