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Frank West can be Proto Man in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record


There's a surprise lurking in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record that is most decidedly not undead -- Proto Man! You can unlock Proto Man's outfit, shield and a working arm cannon through a series of steps so strangely complex that we're shocked anyone figured this easter egg out at all.

Apparently you can snag the boots no problem, but to get the shield and blaster you have to beat the game with an S rank, medal in all 30 challenges, defeat Jack in a game of poker at the safe house, and then start that file again (not a new game), htka of GameFAQs posted. Or you can just watch the above video and pretend you're controlling Proto Frank West Man. You can even make your own sound effects. We won't tell anyone.

If you'll remember, there was a similar unlock in Dead Rising, but it was bluer.

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