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Leaked Soulcalibur 5 screen shows mysterious character (and it's not Ezio)

Jordan Mallory

We know, we know, the big story here is that Assassin's Creed sneakster Ezio Auditore da Firenze may have infiltrated Soulcalibur 5's dramatic tale of swords and souls, but look! There's totally another dude up there, completely unaccounted for.

We've been over our tipster's image with the finest fine-toothed combs money can buy, and every single character on this screen can be quickly and verifiably identified, except for the dude to the right of Ezio. Head past the break for a breakdown of the menu and let the wild, rampant speculation begin.

1. Patroklos
2. Z.W.E.I.
3. Lexia
4. Natsu
5. Ezio
6. ???
7. Viola
8. Pyrrha
9. Siegfried
10. Hilde
11. Ivy
12. Tira
13. Nightmare
14. Misturugi
15. Maxi
16. Voldo
17. Astaroth
18. Symbol: Shield and two swords, potentially random selection

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