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Arkham City buyers encounter numerous DLC code issues [update: Warner responds, working on fix]


The mystery of Batman: Arkham City's DLC code issues popping up on the official forums may be more baffling than one of the Riddler's puzzles. Users have reported all kinds of problems, ranging from their copy not including all the promised DLC codes, winding up with multiple codes for the same piece of DLC or, perhaps most bizarre of all, DLC redemption cards that are simply blank. The issues don't seem related to a single piece of DLC, with users reporting problems with Joker challenge map, Robin and Catwoman codes.

Given that the DLC was promised to those who pre-ordered or purchased new copies of the regular or collector's edition, what should have been a bonus for early adopters could become a serious issue. The Catwoman DLC significantly alters the story of Arkham City, meaning some may not be getting the entire game they paid for.

We've contacted Warner Bros. for a response. For what it's worth, all copies owned by Joystiq staff seem to have their codes intact.

Update: Warner hasn't issued an official statement on the matter, though it's asking players to keep an eye on the the Arkham City Twitter account for updates. Thus far the account has stated that players "will get to play as the sexy thief," asking that they "stay tuned for update."

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