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Logitech release MW3 gaming mouse and keyboard, for people who can't get enough Soap


If the thought of spending $160 on Modern Warfare 3-branded peripherals appeals then twitch your trigger fingers at Logitech's new Gaming Keyboard G105 and Laser Mouse G9X. Both are slathered in MW3 logos (so you don't forget what you've consigned yourself to for the next year) and come with some essential FPS features. The keyboard has "night-vision green" LED backlit keys, six programmable "G" keys to record macros and a game/desktop mode switch for those rare moments when you're really not meant to be MacTavish. Meanwhile, the mouse has on-the-fly adjustable DPI, up to five different player profiles, a color display and 28g (one ounce) of extra weight to adjust the mouse balance against your hand. They're both available from the Logitech website and will set you back $80 each.

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