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New TERA video flies through Fyrmount region

Jef Reahard

TERA fans have been suffering through something of a news drought lately. Since announcing the game's Spring 2012 release date last summer, En Masse Entertainment has been relatively quiet when it comes to hyping the game and showing off any of its features.

Frogster, TERA's European publisher, has stepped up to the plate this morning by releasing a new fly-through video that takes viewers on a journey around Fyrmount. What's Fyrmount, you say? It's a volcanic region intertwined with the destinies of the Castanic race according to Frogster's press release. Young Castanics are sent to the hellish region "to be pushed to their limits" and are only accepted into adult society if they find something of value and return with it.

Check out the video after the cut and head to the official TERA website for more info on Castanics and the game itself.

[Source: Frogster press release]

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