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The Dragon roars: Funcom spies on The Secret World's most mysterious faction


We don't care if you have the eye of the tiger -- this is the Week of the Dragon, darn it, and you're going to give respect to it or it will roast your noggin right off your neck! As part of the focus on The Secret World's least-understood faction, Funcom's released a quartet of artwork pieces to help give us an insight into the organization.

Perhaps the most eye-catching are the Mute Monks, an ancient order of scary-looking muscle men who have sewn their lips shut and baptized their bodies with tattoos. These monks are the recruiting arm of the Dragon, but are by no means the only members players will encounter.

The other pieces of concept art show off a temporary Dragon headquarters, a bang (cyber-cafe) that's a front for the group, and a possible outfit for a Dragon agent in the field.

What are you waiting for? Check them all out in the gallery below!

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