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The Queue: I don't want to set the world on fire


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky), senior editor at WoW Insider, will be your host today.

Anyone who says "This is the Fallout 3 song" is going to have a -3 hit to their perception.

Your speech might get knocked down a few points, too.

Robbymack asked:

Is it possible that Blizz could release a WoW expansion WITHOUT a new class or races being added? I know it's been a selling point up to now, but I think it's getting to the point that it's getting unwieldy. Seriously,, I'm gonna need more character slots on my primary server if I want to roll even more alts. Do you think that having an epic leveling questline, new dungeons and raids, and maybe upgrades to profs or other features would be enough? Or do they need to add a new race or class to make an expansion feel like an expansion?

I think it's entirely possible Blizzard won't release a new class or new playable race. It'd have to make up for that by adding some serious new advancement features, though -- and this is something that would need to hit at the core of WoW. Can Blizzard do that? Is it possible to pull that off? Possibly ... and if anyone could do it, it'd be Blizzard.

That being said, we'll find out in a few days.

JTrain asked:

I play WoW on my desktop as well as occasionally on my laptop. I know that you can simply copy/paste the entire WoW folder from one computer to another, but certain settings never seem to transfer. For example many of my add-ons are at their default settings and I have to spend a couple hours resizing and moving windows around.

Where are those "other" settings stored, and how do I make sure they get move over?

You'll want to be sure that you're copying over the WTF folder onto your laptop. The WTF folder is stored at the top level (aka root) of your WoW directory. All the addon settings and everything are there. My guess is that you're not copying that folder across. Sometimes it can be a pain, especially if you've got a couple of dozen addons with a few thousand files. I just went through this on a new laptop I got, and it wasn't pretty (at least, until I upgraded to an 802.11n network; then it went damn fast).

Nonentity commented:

I'm also kinda happy we didn't get the huge amounts of leaks we got before the Cataclysm announcement. Pretty much everything about Cataclysm (and then some ... false stuff) had been leaked, that took a lot out of Metzen's announcement.

Now, 4 days before Blizzcon, still having no clue what it's gonna be (yeah, yeah, Mists of Pandaria, I'll believe it when I see it) and what it's gonna entail... I'm psyched.

Me, too. I'm pleased that the amount of leaking hasn't occurred this go around. Assuming everyone can keep their virtual pants on, the BlizzCon announcement should be spectacular.

AudryR asked:

The current cap for guilds is 1,000, right? A friend asked and I've forgotten.

Correct. You can invite up to 1,000 people to your guild, no more. If you're already over 1,000 people (before Cataclysm launched), then you can't invite any more until after your guild is under the 1,000-person limit.

I'd be surprised if there were any serious guilds that were near this number.

And serious does not equal a casual leveling or event guild in which 99% of its members don't log on.

Antibrain asked:

Will Stood in the Fire become a Feat of Strength after Deathwing is dead and Pandas are very much alive?

While there hasn't been official word, Blizzard has hinted that yes, it will move into the Feat of Strength category after Deathwing is dead. Whether that means dead in the lore sense and the beginning of the next expansion's content patch, or dead in the "someone on my server killed him" sense, no one knows. This would be a good question to get answered by a friendly Blizzard person you might run into at BlizzCon or somewhere else in Anaheim ...

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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