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Richard Garriott is selling the manor

Justin McElroy

"We'll be honest Claudette, we both just love it. When you told us the home used to belong to Richard Garriott and that the asking price was $4.1 million, we were unsure. But this is one of the most beautiful homes we've seen in Austin. And the walk-in tunic closet? Just lovely."

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear it. There's just one other ... small thing. Teensy really."


"Well, I'm legally required to tell you the home ... is constructed on a Tabula Rasa burial ground."

"Surely not!"

"No, no, it's true. The Neph, the Bane, the AFS, all jammed under the floorboards. They're hermetically sealed, but still ... pretty grim."

"How could --"

"Now, on the plus side. That lamp over there? He stole it from the International Space Station."

"So you're saying I have to live over the remains of an entire MMO, NPCorpses stacked on top of each other like cordwood, but on the bright side -- space lamp?"

"... So, maybe ... $3.9 million? You think?"

"We'll ... we'll get back to you."

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