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The Secret World's Dragon Week reveals faction backstory, mission details

Jef Reahard

Dragon Week continues for Funcom and fans of The Secret World. The latest series entry takes the form of a dev journal that hints at the faction's backstory and teases a Dragon ranking mission from the game itself.

The Dragon is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is so secretive that even its own members don't appreciate the full extent of its power. The organization operates under the belief that "seemingly insignificant events can trigger cataclysmic change," and players will find the Dragon recruitment process a bit different than that of the game's other two factions. Potential recruits are paid a visit by silent Dragon monks, then unceremoniously deposited in a Seoul neighborhood with no apparent exits. If the recruits manage to find the Dragon headquarters, they're rewarded with more info about the faction and their own destiny.

There's more, including details on that mission we mentioned earlier, but you'll need to head to to read it.

[Thanks to Acidbaron for the tip!]

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