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Massively's double-dose of SWTOR beta impressions


For the last few weeks, two members of the Massively staff, Larry Everett and Jef Reahard, have been romping around in the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, enjoying an extended look at BioWare's upcoming story-driven themepark. Today, we can finally reveal their thoughts on the current state of the game just two months before launch.

Larry is our SWTOR columnist; he's been following the game for us for more than a year and a half. And Jef is our Age of Conan specialist (and former Aion and EverQuest II writer) whose love for sandboxes and soapboxes is well-known. Both are die-hard Star Wars fans. Sit back and savor a double-helping of SWTOR beta impressions!

Jef's SWTOR Beta Impressions Larry's SWTOR Beta Impressions

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