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Musician John Mayer shares his thoughts on Steve Jobs


In a recent blog post, Grammy award winning artist John Mayer recalls his eight-year relationship with Steve Jobs. It's an interesting story about the Apple CEO that shows the gracious side of his personality, a trait that's not often discussed.

Mayer met Steve Jobs in 2003 when Mayer called Jobs to tell him how much he enjoyed Apple's products. Mayer offered to help Apple in any way he could. Soon after the phone call, Mayer was invited to perform the keynote music at Macworld 2004 when GarageBand was introduced and again in 2007 at the iPhone introduction. During this time, Mayer got to know Jobs and developed a casual relationship with him and his company.

A few years later, Mayer agreed to endorse RIM and told Jobs about his decision. As part of this agreement, Mayer would have to use a BlackBerry and not an iPhone. Rather than become angry with Mayer, Jobs was understanding and even sent the musician a pre-release iPhone 3G model while he was on tour.

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