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The Queue: Colin Hay, WoW, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, and Scott Pilgrim


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky), senior editor at WoW Insider, will be your host today.

Today's Queue is a jam-packed bonus Queue. You see, I was screwing around on our Twitter account last night looking to say something controversially stupid like "Darkwing Duck is a hack" or "Scourge McDuck is the 1%, and he deserves it." But then I got to thinking, after about 900 million of you tweeted about your favorite late '80s/early '90s cartoon: We need a special Queue today.

So for the first half of the Queue, WoW questions.

For the second half, cartoon questions.

And for the third half, a postmodern deconstruction of Scott Pilgrim (the comic series, not the movie) with an eye toward the role of the ethical self in modern versus classical society. Spoiler: Is it really Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, or is it just a reflection of the power structures of society that bind us to determine standard outcomes of ethical dilemmas? Is Scott's killing Gideon justified under today's systems, or is it just a throwback to the times before the modern social contract?


Jamies asked:

So I guess if we do get Pandaren as a playable race & as a neutral/available to both sides. Would this be the first step toward a neutrality for players as a whole?

I know it doesn't seem to be WoW's style but neutrality is everywhere from the groups like the Argent Crusade to my character being Neutral with Gilneas joining the Alliance.

The whole concept really seems like one step away.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and use my crystal ball, looking 10 to 15 years into the future. The playerbase has diminished to a few million worldwide, expansions are coming out a pace of about once every three years (or slower), and patches and bug fixes are not as frequent.

At that time, yes, I believe that faction-absent grouping and player organizing will be allowed. Notice that I'm not saying faction-neutral, because I believe the conflict of the Horde and Alliance is a foundational element of the story, and Blizzard hasn't given any indication it ever intends to let up on that. (Even in Wrath, they were fighting each other, and that's as close as we ever got to peace.)

I wouldn't put money down on Pandaren being a faction-neutral playable race yet, either ... I've heard this, but I've heard other things too.

And I'm not bullshitting or giving you all a line either. Wait and see, along with all of us.

Bellajtok asked:

What's your favorite Hallow's End pet?

Creep Crate, hands down.

TimR asked:

When during the panels do you expect the next expansion to be announced? The WoW preview panel early the first day seems the likely spot to me.

The expansion will be announced at the opening ceremony and then immediately elaborated on at the preview panel. Blizzard won't allow much time between the announcement and filling in more information; doing so would lead to a level of speculation unheard of.

Andres asked:

Are there plans to implement more in-game events, not like holidays but events that advance the story. Like the events that take place when a new expansion is going to be released.

I know you wanted this asked at BlizzCon, but the answer is already yes. Blizzard has stated before that there will be additional in-game events for the next expansion, and that it really likes the way things have gone with previous expansions (of course, learning from mistakes and what-not).

Lady Silverdragon asked:

I thought I remembered hearing on this site that one of Blizzard's goals with patch 4.3 was to expand archeology, by giving people an option to turn in artifacts to the Dwarven Exploration society (or the horde equivalent). However, I haven't heard anything about this. Was this something Blizzard stated, or was this my own wishful thinking? If it was Blizzard, have they mentioned anything about Archeology since?

This was mentioned several times in designer Q&As, in blue posts, etc. So far, not a whole lot has materialized. That doesn't mean Blizzard can't implement something soon.

I have this feeling that archaeology will be expanding to include Pandaren artifacts in patch 4.3, and that Blizzard's waiting to release information on that until after the expansion announcement at BlizzCon.

Jeff asked:

I know Blizzard is reducing the number of required boss kills in trollroics as part of 4.3, but do you think they will nerf the dungeons a bit? I'm looking at you Jindo, god I hate healing that thing.

I would suspect so, yes. I'm not sure if we'll see it in patch notes or just as a stealth nerf, though. Also remember that the overall gear level will increase yet again with this patch (thanks to the new heroics and Raid Finder), so groups are going to be organically more powerful.

Time for Part II!

Mementh asked:

Which Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members were on Gargoyles?

Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes had major roles throughout, while Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Colm Meaney, Avery Brooks, Nichell Nichols, Katherine Mulgrew, and LeVar Burton also had either recurring or guest roles.

JavVick82 asked:

How many seasons did TailSpin run?

It's a little surprising, but it technically ran for only one season, although that season had 65 episodes in it. That's more than enough for a few seasons nowadays, but back in the good old days of 1991, real seasons had 65 episodes. Not 13. (I'm looking at you, Doctor Who.)

FatherTouk asked:

What exactly is Gonzo? And why was he allowed to influence our baby frogs and pigs with his shenanigans?

Let's get philosophical here. Gonzo is a child's imagination, representing that which is developed and produced through a confluence of odd thoughts, sounds, and images. All of a child's senses contribute to his or her imaginary friend, and Gozno represents that -- running around, playing a grownup at times, while other times pulling childish pranks on those around him. He is the kid of the kids, and he loves it.

According to various sources online, Gonzo is often know to call himself a turkey, while at other times, he denies it. But perhaps that's part of the point -- as kids, we don't really know what we are until we grow up. Gonzo is right there along with us as kids in this unknown journey of self-realization and understanding.

Danidal asked:

Why does everyone hate Scrooge McDuck? I always liked him as a kid.

Well, think about him for a minute. He was rich old man who didn't like kids (at first) and wanted nothing more to collect money. That's a lot of greed and selfishness, and those are pretty unattractive traits. But that said ... His character underwent a lot of development in Duck Tales, and I think one could argue that in the canon of the NES video game, he actually turns out to be an OK guy.

So really, Scrooge McDuck is a character of redemption over greed. It's a relatively classic tale, and because of that, I think people can identify with him -- at least, the later versions. Given the times that we live in now, I wonder how such a character would be perceived. Might be interesting.

Cko asked:

Isn't Darkwing Duck really the continuation of Duck Tales?

No. Darkwing Duck is a spin-off of one episode of Duck Tales (the first season "Double-O-Duck" episode). None of the main characters of Duck Tales continue on, so it's not a sequel or continuation.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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