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3D video recording, other features in November firmware update

Justin McElroy

Nintendo very rudely held a 3DS press conference while we were all asleep, but luckily our friends at Andriasang were liveblogging the whole thing for us. The topic was the 3DS November firmware update and here are the highlights:
  • 3D video recording (a feature first touted back in March) will be enabled. You'll have plenty of options to tweak your clips (which can be up to 10 minutes long), including enabling stop-motion animation.
  • There's a map overlay to show where Miis you've collected in StreetPass are from.
  • You'll be able to transfer software to other 3DS systems.
  • The 3DS RPG Find Mii will get a sequel, available only if you've cleared the first iteration.
Keep in mind, of course, that these are the details from the Japanese conference and not necessarily what we can expect stateside. In fact, in the U.S. version of this same briefing, the only one of the above features Reggie Fils-Amie mentions specifically is 3D video.

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