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BlizzCon kicks off; new WoW, DotA details abound


Today's a big day for Blizzard fans, as BlizzCon is kicking off in full-swing! The opening ceremonies are underway as we speak, and there are already a couple of juicy nuggets for World of Warcraft players.

WoW players who upgrade their accounts to the 12-month subscription model will receive two lovely gifts: access to the next WoW expansion's beta test and Diablo III. That's right, upgrade to the 12-month subscription plan and you get Diablo III completely free.

Blizzard has also announced its upcoming DoTA title, and we'll have a hands-on with that as soon as possible, so stay tuned for more BlizzCon excitement.

[Update: It's official, folks. The newest World of Warcraft expansion is Mists of Pandaria. Players will have access to the Pandren race as well as a new hero class: the Monk. The newest trailers are embedded behind the break. Check out the official post at WoW Insider for more!]

[Update: The Monk is not a hero class. Sorry for the confusion!]

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