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EVE CEO: 'We are back in the spaceship business' [Updated]

Jef Reahard

CCP's damage control tour continues, and the latest stop is Eurogamer. CEO Hilmar Petursson recently sat down for a lengthy interview with the website and offered up what should be music to the ears of disgruntled EVE Online veterans.

"We're really focused on making kick-ass EVE expansions in the more traditional way that we've done so many times in the past. What becomes of the store and Incarna is something that's not a big priority right now," he said.

Petursson also has some interesting things to say about his own accountability during EVE's turbulent summer and the role of the player-run Council of Stellar Management. "I'm starting to get feedback from players that they worry the CSM is too pre-occupied by a certain playstyle. That might mean we may need to change the structure, but definitely the CSM has worked as a feedback tool greatly throughout the years," he explained. Head to Eurogamer for the full report.

[Update]: Petursson made similar remarks, and also touched on the recent CCP layoffs, in an interview at GamaSutra.

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