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Siri can pour you a beer, perfect for Friday Afternoon Club


I think I may have to make Siri my mistress, since she (well, it does have a female voice in the U.S.) can now pour a beer at my command. That's more than my wife of 32 years will do for me! The folks at redpepper, an ad agency in Nashville, Tennessee, had a little time on their hands, so they rigged up a way for a Siri command to open and pour a beer.

It's a bit messy, and it doesn't look like the entire contents of the 12 ounce can make it into the glass, but it's certain fun to watch. The redpepper blog explains the entire process of setting up what they call "Beeri," including creating a special Twitter account, outfitting an R/C monster truck with an Arduino Uno with Wi-Fi Shield, and building a special beer opener.

The entire process is more fun if you watch it in action. Enjoy, but remember to get a designated driver if Siri is too generous with the beers this afternoon. TUAW urges you to use "Beeri" responsibly.

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