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Arkham City gets an official mammal-with-webbed-wings app for iOS


Batman is great at fighting crime, using gadgets and not killing people. He's not, however, that creative in naming things -- Bat cave, batmobile, batarang, batclaw, Batgirl. His wordsmith skills may be lacking, but this predictability makes naming the official Batman: Arkham City iOS app extremely easy. It's the Chiroptera app, obviously.

Fine, it's the bat app. Whatever you call it, the Arkham City official map app is a handy tool to help keep track of progress through the game, showing the locations of hundreds of Riddler trophies and item hotspots, and allowing users to mark off the ones they've collected. Developer Dorling Kindersley made a similar app extension for Dead Island. The bat app is available for the same price, $2.99, right now on iTunes.

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