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Ultra-limited edition 3DSes are adorable, no you can't have one

Jordan Mallory

An intrinsic, universal facet of human nature is that we as people consistently want what we can't have. It's deeply rooted in our species' collective subconscious, silently driving our passions for incredible, unobtainable stuff. The Japanese Club Nintendo has a healthy track record for producing some of the most amazingly unavailable swag in our industry's long, storied history of unavailable swag, but we think these new limited edition 3DSes rank in at number one on our "Most Impossible Dreams" list.

The 3DSes, named "Peach," "Mario" and "Super Kinoko," natch, are being produced in limited numbers (1,000 each) for Nintendo's "A Little Mario-like 3DS" campaign. Japanese Club Nintendo members who register two games between now and January 15 will be automatically entered to win one of these adorable little 3DSes. Club members will also receive a free copy of the 3D Classics port of Kid Icarus upon entering. So! If you're a Japanese Club Nintendo member, we hope you can feel our burning envy through your monitor.

Unless you win one, in which case we'd love to have you over for poison tea some time.

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