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Modern Warfare 3's dedicated PC servers are unranked, unlocks controlled by admin


Modern Warfare 3's dedicated PC servers will be unranked and admins will have complete control over what's unlocked, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling said in a PC FAQ. Public PC servers will be ranked and feature a standard unlock system, while consoles will strictly use P2P, with no option for dedicated servers, ranked, unranked or with randomly assigned unicorn mounts. That's right -- no unicorns.

Bowling defended the decision on his Twitter, saying the admin control of dedicated PC servers will be "Nothing like COD4. That's why we built in all the new backend control / security, so we don't have that problem again." Bowling also said that no one on PC is forced to play P2P servers; it all depends on what you want to get out of the game: "Public is about progression, private is about control."

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