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A haunted Halloween MMO tour [Update]


While many real world holidays receive digital treatments in MMOs, it always seems like Halloween is the most popular. Perhaps it's because MMOs are already into the spirit of the season, with characters dressing up, "trick or treating" mobs for their candy, and tackling spooky, scary areas where doom is sure to lurk. Or perhaps developers just really like pumpkins and haunted houses. Who doesn't?

With most MMOs sporting Halloween content, it's a safe bet that there's something for you in your favorite game. So hop on the hayride and get ready for a tour through the most terrifying, cute, and boo-tastic Halloween events in town!

[Update: Added more festivals... for justice!]

Global Agenda: The Return of Doom Commander
Defend Oasis Checkpoint against the villainous Doom Commander -- and net yourself Halloween flair in the process!
City of Heroes: Dr. Kane's House of Horror
Team up with three trustworthy friends and knock on the door of the most ecclectic scientist around. Just don't eat his treats.
Guild Wars: Halloween 2011
The festivities kick off with the return of Halloween quests, the costume brawl, and Mad King Thorn. Tune in to this week's Flameseeker's Chronicles for a more in-depth look into the fun.
RuneScape: Deathcon II
Death isn't a party pooper -- just the opposite! Attend the second of Death's famous conventions and allow yourself plenty of time to see the sights and enjoy the goodies.
Champions Online: Pumpkin carving contest
Do you have mad pumpkin carving skills? Then you might just win some in-game currency to spend in Champions' C-store.
Pocket Legends: Halloween event
Boogie with the beasties and ghoulies as Pocket Legends' Halloween event returns -- with a few new surprises.
Anarchy Online: Halloween
Spend your hours trick-or-treating or participating in a little zombies vs. plants event, but make sure not to miss the awesome Halloween party on the 29th!
League of Legends: Harrowing champion skins
For a limited time, Summoners can purchase a scary variant on their favorite champions.
Dark Age of Camelot: Pumpkin Moon Rising
As the Pumpkin Moon rises, players will begin to encounter all sorts of frightening sights -- ghosts and mysterious puppies alike.
Turbine: Pumpkin carving contest
Turbine's dishing out prizes for the best pumpkin carvers from all three of its games -- and winners will have the titles to prove it.
Spiral Knights: Dark Harvest Festival
Seek out the Punkin King in secret rooms in the Clockwork Tunnels and see if he has a special treat in store for you!
World of Tanks: Halloween contest is challenging its drivers to dress up as tanks (you read that right) and take a picture while playing the game.
Warhammer Online: Daemon Moon Rising
WAR isn't about apple-bobbing -- it's about killing, and lots of it! Participate in the several events and challenges of Daemon Moon Rising to rip the prizes from your opponent's dead, bloody fingers.
Vindictus: Swing to Win
Play pumpkin pinata, go trick-or-treating, and whomp enough vampires to get a spiffy new title.
TERA: Pumpkin carving contest
TERA's got a deep bag of prizes on hand for the most creative carvers in the land. Is this you? We think it is!
Fiesta Online: A Halloween story
The city's been decorated and the treats are laid out -- the only thing left is for you to join the festivities and dress up in your best costume.
Age of Conan: Nights of Lost Souls
Track down and defeat the three lost souls to earn a few new rewards as Funcom brings back last year's popular event.
Lord of the Rings Online: Fall Festival
Mad Bilbo's crazy Haunted Burrow is back -- do you dare enter its spooky domain?
EverQuest II: Nights of the Dead
Thinking of risking the wrath of the headless horseman and the creepy-feelies out in the dark? Your funeral, pal.
Wizard101: Halloween
Spooky Bob and his friends are back for a Wizard101 Halloween to be remembered!
World of Warcraft: Hallow's End
This year, it's time to take the orphans out to collect their candy and attend the Wickerman celebration!
Star Wars Galaxies: Galactic Moon Festival
SWG's very last Galactic Moon Festival with a new Hutt costume!
Martial Empires: All Hallows
Enter for a chance to win costume pieces, and get a good seat for the costume parade!
Free Realms: Super Spooktacular
Vampries and werewolves face their greatest battle yet: a dance-off between the scary monsters!
DC Universe Online: Spooktacular
Head down into the Gotham City sewers to tackle the fiendish Scarecrow in a new four-person encounter!
Dragon Nest: The Hellhound Unleashed
The multi-headed dog Cerebrus is on the prowl. He needs to be put down -- permanently.
Aion: Harvest Revel
Witches are on the prowl for souls... so can you help them find a few?
Lineage II: Happy Halloween
NCsoft has a package of Halloweeny goodies in store for every player who logs in this season!
Bright Shadow: Halloween Expansion
Goblins and vampires and mummies, oh my!
Wonderland Online: Pumpkin Bashing
Had enough of carving and coddling pumpkins? Bash 'em and see what presents lay inside!

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