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Daily iPhone App: Age of Monsters - Rock Paper Scissors


Jeff Matsuda is the award-winning creator of the cartoon series The Batman, and while his style doesn't appeal to me personally, it is quite distinctive, and can make for some really cool looks. Matsuda has put his skills to work in Age of Monsters - Rock Paper Scissors, in which monsters battle it out rock/paper/scissors style. The gameplay is simple, yet provides a nice framework to carry out some epic, real-world RPS battles. Whether you're wagering a free lunch, who's going to take out the trash or just the honor of the participants, Age of Monsters is a good way to go. You can even play with friends asynchronously online, which is a nice bonus which works well.

There's a solo training mode to get you ready for battle plus Game Center integration. Two extra monsters are offered up via in-app purchase, and I presume we'll see more in the future. As a freebie, Age of Monsters is worth a download, as the art and style really push this simple game further than it would otherwise go.

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